Mary Trump On Her Uncle: ‘He Is and Always Will Be a Terrified Little Boy’

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Sarah Shaiman

One Trump biographer claimed the book would have a "seismic imprint" upon its release.

Mary Trump’s highly-anticipated book, Too Much and Never Enough, does not just indict her uncle, the president of the United States, but also the entire Trump family, according to a Politico report.

  • While Mary Trump is a registered Democrat with an open admiration for Hillary Clinton, her book provides a fresh perspective in the pathology of President Trump.
  • Mary is the daughter of President Trump’s late brother Fred Jr. who passed away at 42. After being scammed out of her inheritance, she decided to write the tell-all book to share her truth about her relationship with her uncle.

And in these taut 211 pages, she puts us in new rooms, shows us new scenes with new details and lets us hear from members of the president’s nuclear family who have been conspicuously and obstinately mum. She is, after all, and by blood still, one of them—and “the only Trump,” as she puts it, “who is willing” to dish on what she calls “my malignantly dysfunctional family.”

  • With her PhD in psychological studies, Mary offers a window into what actually may be going on in the president’s head. She calls him delusional, pathetic, mentally ill, and a narcissistic.
  • Mary presents President Trump as an ineffective person, incapable of empathy.
  • She went so far as to say that his reelection would be “the end of American democracy.”
  • She went on to call her uncle a “terrified little boy:”

“Donald,” she concludes, “withdraws to his comfort zones—Twitter, Fox News—casting blame from afar, protected by a figurative or literal bunker. He rants about the weakness of others even as he demonstrates his own. But he can never escape the fact that he is and always will be a terrified little boy.”

  • Trump biographer Tim O’Brien said none of the Trump biographers “captured his family life in the way that she has.” He is predicting a “seismic imprint” for its release.
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