'Marie Claire' Tells Melania That She Will Never Be Jackie Kennedy

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"Jackie’s best attribute wasn’t her outward style. It was her character."

First Lady Melania Trump is no Jackie Kennedy, Jennifer Stavros wrote in Marie Claire, because “iconic first ladies are more than their outfits.”

  • The Trump White House insists that Melania is “the second-coming of the legendary Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis,” Stavros said, adamant that “she embodies the same elegance and importance as a presidential buttress that Jackie-O did in the '60s.”
  • Melania has succeeded on several occasions in emulating Jackie, Stavros conceded, but only with regard to her fashion choices.

But what Melania, Donald Trump, and his administration fail to recognize is that Jackie was far more than her iconic style. Her clothes were an extension of her character.


Consider the most defining outfit—and moment—of Jackie Kennedy's life: the pink Chanel suit she wore on the day her husband was shot in 1963.

  • Jackie refused to change out of the blood-splattered suit, instead using “the outfit as a canvas to illustrate the monstrosity of the moment” when she addressed the public and the press.

"Let them see what they’ve done," she said at the time.

  • Stavros then recalled that Melania wore a Zara jacket reading, “I really don’t care, do you?”, en route to visiting migrant children separated from their families at the border.

Her sartorial choice in the politically divisive moment was the antithesis of what Jackie did while serving as First Lady.

At a time when Melania could’ve used fashion to subtly convey empathy, she appeared to be completely devoid of any emotion.

  • “In a time where the world needs a Jackie, Melania, despite all her efforts, continues to show she will never become the First Lady she aspired to be,” Stavros wrote.

Jackie’s best attribute wasn’t her outward style. It was her character. And no amount of dress up can mold Melania's legacy into that of Jackie’s.

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Theres not one shred of character in any of the Trump family..


To try and use the term character in regard to ANY Trump, is ridiculous. Foolish, low class trash.

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