Marco Rubio: Russian Hackers Were Able To Alter Florida County Voting Records

Photo courtesy of the Kremlin / CC BY 4.0

Sen. Rubio confirmed Friday that Russian hackers breached and had the ability to change voting records in one county.

In an interview on Friday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio confirmed that Russian hackers were able to compromise the voting systems in one Florida county, The Verge reports. Not only did the hackers breach the voting network, but they also had the ability to modify voting data.

According to The New York Times, more than 120 elections email accounts in Florida received Trojan virus download links disguised as emails from the electronic voter equipment vendor VR Systems. While elections supervisor Lisa Lewis warned against clicking the link, which officials say came from the Russian military intelligence unit called the G.R.U., somebody did.

Rubio confirmed that the hackers were “in a position” to change voting records.

His statement also corroborates a Senate Intelligence Committee report from last year, in which officials said that actors with links to the Russian state attacked vendor and state government voting systems. Hackers “scanned databases for vulnerabilities, attempted intrusions, and in a small number of cases successfully penetrated a voter registration database” to influence voting results.

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