Man Whose Company Committed Medicare Fraud To Lead GOP Health-Care Push

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22 years ago, Scott’s company was responsible for “the largest health-care fraud case in U.S. history.”

If there's been one trend within the Trump administration's domestic policy practices so far, it would be appointing industry insiders to top positions in the White House in order to remove the regulations in any given department, the New York Magazine writes. And on Thursday, President Trump continued to follow his controversial decision making tactics. Trump told reporters that Florida Senator Rick Scott and fellow Republican Senators John Barrasso of Wyoming and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, will lead the party's emphasis on health-care reform.

“They are going to come up with something really spectacular,” Trump said.

But Scott's past looks to be everything but spectacular. During the 1990's, Scott served as CEO of Columbia/HCA, a company that boasted over 340 hospitals, 550 home-health locations, and 135 surgery centers before his resignation in 1997. That year, federal agents began investigating whether the company committed large scale Medicare and Medicaid fraud. And, the investigators found, they did.

In what the Justice Department labeled “the largest health-care fraud case in U.S. history," Columbia/HCA paid the government $1.7 billion for charges including billing federal programs for tests that were neither necessary nor ordered, attaching false diagnosis codes to records to receive more reimbursement, and a host of other crimes, according to Politifact.

During his time in politics, Scott has been extremely inconsistent with his stance on health care. When he first became governor, Scott refused Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. But not long after, in 2013, he agreed to use federal funds to expand the program. By his second term, Scott's position on the expansion totally reversed.

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No surprise in this Bizarro world we live in.


Voldemort should be in prison, not the Senate.