Man Who Receives Taxpayer Funded Healthcare Denies Same To Millions

Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Sen. John McCain's vote for the tax bill was a vote to strip health insurance from millions of Americans.

In spite of his insistence that the Senate abide its own legislative rules and norms during attempts to repeal Obamacare, Arizona Senator John McCain (R) cast his vote in favor of the Republican tax bill on Friday - even though the process was far from the "regular order" he had previously demanded.

In doing so, McCain - whose taxpayer-funded health care is helping him fight cancer - helped pass legislation that the Congressional Budget Office has said will cost about 13 million Americans their health insurance.

As Business Insider reports, the senator is now facing criticism from those who say he abandoned his earlier stance.

McCain drew particularly harsh criticism, in part for his apparent lack of concern for regular order in the passage of the bill, which included significant last-minute revisions.

McCain responded to his critics with a statement Saturday indicating he felt the process was thorough.

"For months, I have called for a return to regular order, and I am pleased that this important bill was considered through the normal legislative processes, with several hearings and a thorough mark-up in the Senate Finance Committee during which more than 350 amendments were filed and 69 received a vote," McCain said.

But many of his detractors were not satisfied:

"If John McCain even in the slightest way believed what he said about the regular order he would vote to take the weekend to read the bill," tweeted Norman Ornstein, a scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. "Is this really the regular order John McCain demanded?" Ezra Klein, editor and founder of left-leaning Vox Media, tweeted.