Man Wearing MAGA Hat Attacks Roller Rink Victim With Sword

Hat of MAGA attacker.David Miles / Facebook

San Francisco police are searching for a man who attacked someone during an altercation at a roller skating rink.

According to Newsweek, San Francisco police are searching for a man accused of cutting another man’s hand with a sword during an altercation. The suspect was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat, according to witnesses.

The incident occurred Friday night near a roller skating rink called the Church of 8 Wheels. The victim and suspect began arguing about the pro-Trump hat and anti-gay language the suspect had allegedly used. The victim apparently attempted to grab the hat, but the suspect pulled out a sword and slashed the hand of the victim. The suspect then fled the scene.

David Miles, founder of the roller rink, did not see the incident but ran out to help the victim, who had walked outside after the fight. Miller said the victim was bleeding profusely.

“I was standing in the church and someone came running in saying someone was hurt,” Miles said. “I ran outside and saw the guy, and he was bleeding. I mean, gushing so much you wouldn’t believe. In the process, they’re telling me what happened to him. We tried to stop the bleeding. The ambulance came, and they took him to the hospital.”

Earlier that evening, the suspect had been hanging around the rink and yelling at customers.

“The guy with the MAGA hat had come to the door and was harassing people, calling them names, but he didn’t come in,” Miles said. “The people he was calling names ran into the church.”

Miles shared a photo on Facebook of the bloody concrete outside of the rink. The MAGA hat is also pictured.