Man Threatens To Assault People Wearing Masks At Store, Carried Out By Own Son

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"Look at you, you giant f****** dork. Come outside, come outside and show me how tough you are!”

TMZ reported Tuesday that a man in Tucson, Arizona, was carried out of a grocery store by his own son as he threatened to assault other customers who were wearing masks.

  • In video of the incident, “the man is seen ranting at others in a Tucson, Arizona Sprouts grocery store as his son tries to calm him down.”
  • The man can be heard ranting: “They won’t learn. These people won’t learn. You’re a bunch of idiots wearing masks, you know it’s not real. Look at you fools, you’ve got a fuckin’ doily on your face, you retard. You look like you fuckin’ got it off your mom’s countertop.”
  • He continues yelling even after his own son begins to restrain him, saying: “You’re a dork. Look at you, you giant fucking dork. Come outside, come outside and show me how tough you are!”

“I’ll beat that fuckin’ mask off your face and a retard,” the man adds as his son physically picks him up and carries him out of the store like a toddler.

“Fuckin’ pussies! You’re all a bunch of pussies wearing masks! Losers!” the man exclaims, his voice fading with the distance created by his son hauling him out of the store.


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