Man Suspected Of Killing Son And Injuring Husband Of Federal Judge Found Dead

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The suspect in a shooting of Judge Ether Salas' son and husband has died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound

The suspect in the home shooting of US District Court of New Jersey Judge Esther Salas’ son and husband has died by what is thought to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to CNN.

  • Salas’ 20-year old son Daniel Anderl was killed in the shooting and her husband Mark Anderl was injured after a man wearing a FedEx uniform rang the doorbell and then released a hail of gunfire when Daniel Anderl opened the door with his father behind him.
  • Salas is New Jersey's first Latina US District Court judge, nominated by President Obama in 2011.
  • She has handled many high profile cases, including the financial fraud case of “Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars Teresa and Joe Giudice and the 2018 sentencing of Farad Roland, the leader of the South Side Cartel, "one of Newark's most violent street gangs."
  • Judge Salas is currently overseeing a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank, related to the bank’s connection with convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, as well as other customer’s the bank had deemed to be high risk.
  • Law enforcement stated that they were unaware of any threats toward the judge and investigators still do not know the motive.

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