Man Released From Coronavirus Isolation Coughs Repeatedly During Fox Interview



Frank Wucinski coughed into his hand and even drank from his 3-year-old daughter's water bottle during the interview.

A Pennsylvania man who was quarantined with his family after arriving in the United States from China sparked all manner of concern on Friday when he couldn’t stop coughing during a Fox News interview — while holding his three-year-old daughter on his lap.

Frank Wucinski appeared with his daughter, Annabelle, on America’s Newsroom to discuss his family’s experience under quarantine in San Diego, Mashable reported.

The family was returned to the U.S. after Wucinski’s father-in-law died from a coronavirus infection in China, and they were placed into quarantine due to their exposure. They were recently released from isolation.

"Physically we're great," Wucinski told the Fox News anchors.

Then the coughing began.

"Fortunately from what I understand," he said, before coughing into his hand. "It is contagious but the death rate is pretty low."

Wucinski coughed again before adding, "Yeah, I understand the fear."

The father then took a water bottle his daughter had been drinking from and took a swig, before handing it back to her. She promptly put the water back into her mouth.

Wucinski said he had been tested two times for the coronavirus and both times the results were negative. The cough? Probably just nerves, he said.


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