Man Grabs Little Girl Helping Her Mother Put Up Flyers In Honor Of George Floyd

Screengrab / @nyccookies / Twitter


A man was seen on video grabbing a girl, seemingly trying to take the flyers she was posting in honor of George Floyd.

A man bicycling on the Capital Crescent Trail was seen grabbing a girl and harassing the adults she was helping post flyers in honor of George Floyd, who was killed in Minneapolis while in police custody last week.

  • According to Bethesda Magazine, Maryland-National Capital Park Police have reached out to the public to identify the man, who along with trying to grab flyers from the girl also charged a male adult with his bicycle as the man filmed the incident with his phone.

  • Video circulating on the internet “shows a bicyclist wearing sunglasses, an orange helmet and a gray shirt” confronting the people posting flyers.

  • In a scene leading up to the bicyclist charging at the male member of the group, he is seen accosting the girl.

  • Later, video “shows him running toward the filmer for five seconds before the camera hits the ground,” while someone can be heard saying, “Hey. What the f—.”

  • The magazine reported: “As the camera hits the ground, another male voice can be heard saying ‘The f—ing tape. You want it? Give it to me.’”

Park police posted a photo of the bicyclist on Twitter Tuesday and wrote that they were asking for the public’s help in identifying him. They asked people to call a detective at 301-929-2774 if they had information and to reference case number 20001297.

Park police issued a press release Thursday afternoon that said around 12:45 p.m. on Monday, three “young adults,” including one male and two females, were walking near the Dalecarlia Tunnel near the Brookmont area. A bicyclist, police wrote, started arguing with the three people, who were posting flyers.

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