Man Finds Lost Dog on Road Trip and Returns to Adopt Her Months Later

Screengrab / WTVR


Matthew Glatz found a terrified and malnourished dog on his cross-country trip. He later adopted her.

A man on a cross-country road trip found a lost dog on a hiking trail and took her to a local humane society to be treated. Eventually, he returned to adopt her, according to WTVR.

Matthew Glatz, from Portland, Maine, was on a cross-country trip which included skiing in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. In January he was walking through a Northern Colorado hiking trail when he found the dog.

The dog was scared and malnourished. Glatz brought her to a vet lab at Colorado State University. The lab brought the dog to Larimer County Humane Society.

“She had a non-healing wound on her face and we found porcupine quills in there,” said Veterinarian Margaret Garcia. “We then found out that she had heartworm disease and we treated her for one month with an antibiotic.”

The dog, who was named Amelia, spent a month being treated at the humane society. Although an owner was located, the owner had already moved.

“I knew they’d call me when she was ready, and when she was ready, I’d make the drive,” Glatz said. “We’re about to start an adventure together,” he said to the dog at their reunion.

One of Glatz’s friends started a GoFundMe for Amelia’s heartworm treatments. The fund has raised over $1,500 so far.


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