Make America Grift Again: Latest GOP Fundraising Scheme Profits Trump

Screengrab / NRCC

The NRCC is using its email list to advertise Trump’s winery, a private business.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is using its email list to advertise Trump’s winery, a private business.

Does the Trump Organization get access to the email list? What is the corporation’s cut of the amount fundraised? In the end, this all benefits the Trump family.

Ostensibly, the NRCC is doing this as a way to promote its fundraising efforts (which is problematic in itself).

"Enter now for a chance at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," urges the National Republican Congressional Committee in a fundraising plea on its website. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is to win an all-expenses paid trip to the Trump winery in Charlottesville, Virginia. It would appear to be a direct conflict between President Donald Trump's businesses and his position as the head of the Republican Party – in short, one more example of the president profiting off being president.

This same winery applied for foreign worker visas late last year.

Trump Vineyard Estates — based in Charlottesville, Va. — submitted the petition Wednesday requesting H-2 visas for workers to be employed from Jan. 22 to July 13 of next year. The workers would also get paid $11.27 an hour, according to the petition. The H-2 visas allow foreign laborers to temporarily work for U.S employers as long as American workers don’t take those jobs.

Trump is known to hire foreign workers even though he explicitly campaigned against the practice.

Trump built his campaign last year in part on an appeal to American workers angry that their jobs had been taken by immigrants or laborers overseas. In his inaugural address, Trump said that under his leadership the country would “follow two simple rules: buy American, and hire American.”