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Christianity Today reports that a majority of white evangelical Christians rely on President Donald Trump for news about the coronavirus pandemic, not public health officials or the news.

  • The group was asked what outlets they used or trusted for news about the virus. Though many chose more than one source, Trump was at the top.
  • Trump came in as the number one trusted source of coronavirus information, with 51.7 percent.
  • National news followed at 45.4 percent, local news at 44.3 percent, public health officials at 41.7 percent, governors at 31.8 percent, friends and family at 15.4 percent, online forums at 8.9 percent, and lastly, former Vice President Joe Biden at 3 percent.
  • In addition, 65 percent said Trump’s response to the virus has been “about right,” while only 30.1 percent of the general public agreed.
  • Roughly 37 percent of white evangelicals said public health officials and experts were exaggerating how dangerous or widespread the coronavirus is. That is double the number of the rest of the country.

The data came from “a Pew Research Center survey conducted last month and provided by the Roper Center,” Christianity Today reported.

It is worth noting that Trump has told more than 18,000 lies since taking office, according to The Washington Post's tally.

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