Majority Of Americans In Every State (Minus Vermont) Would Fail Citizenship Test

John Trumbull's painting, 'Declaration of Independence'Public Domain

Nearly four out of 10 Americans thought Benjamin Franklin invented the light bulb; it was Edison.

According to Axios, a majority of Americans in every state but Vermont would fail a citizenship test, revealed by a Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation survey.

The survey was conducted from November 14, 2018 to January 3, 2019 among 41,000 adults. The respondents were asked 20 questions from the citizenship practice tests.

Although people did relatively well on basic questions, only 43% of respondents knew that Woodrow Wilson was president during WWI and only 56% knew what countries America fought in WWII. Less than a third of respondents could name three of the original states in the Union and more than six out of ten people thought that the Constitution was written in 1776, although it was not written until 1787. Finally, almost four out of ten respondents thought that Benjamin Franklin was the inventor of the light bulb.

This suggests that the standards for immigrants are higher than most Americans.