Maine Voters Tell MSNBC They're Ready To Boot Susan Collins From The Senate

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Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is losing support among Maine voters on both sides of the aisle as impeachment moves forward.

Republican Senator Susan Collins could be in trouble come election time as Maine voters grow increasingly unhappy with her job performance, according to RawStory.

MSNBC spoke with Republican and Democratic voters in Collins’ state, and “both supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump’s impeachment said they were upset with how Collins is sitting on the fence and wringing her hands about whether to call witnesses at the president’s Senate impeachment trial.”

Stevie Colburn, a pro-impeachment voter who spoke with the news outlet, said, “She will lose my vote when she runs again,” but added she still hopes Collins will agree to call witnesses and subpoena documents in the Senate trial.

On the other end of the political spectrum, Trump supporter Rob Hopkins told MSNBC he would like to see Collins “be more on the team and support” the president. “I think Susan tries to play both sides and appease everybody too much,” he added.

Another Republican voter agreed that Collins spends too much time on the fence, attempting to appease both sides.

“She’s following her typical course of wavering all the time,” Sue Hopkins said. “As far as her playing both sides, I find that… I don’t like it. Let’s put it that way. And would I stand by her? No.”

The Press Herald reported earlier this month that a new Morning Consult poll found Collins to have overtaken Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as the least popular senator in the country.

The poll “found a 42 percent approval rate for Collins and 52 percent disapproval rate among Maine voters surveyed.”

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She would lose my vote if she votes with the Liberal Lynching of this President.


She is losing votes in Maine on both sides. She may squeak through the Primary, but NOT likely to be re-elected come November. So your vote is not likely to help her. It is not a liberal lynching of a President. Start paying attention, and THINK.

Macy B
Macy B

I guess if he would have wired Bidens phone and sent in spies that would have been alright by Democrat standards but a phone call is way over the top.....


I live in Maine. We want her replaced but not by a liberal-socialist wing nut but a real constitutionalist.

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