Madeleine Albright Calls Trump ‘Most Anti-Democratic President’ In U.S. History

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The former Secretary of State also said President Trump continuously paints the United States as a victim.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright wouldn’t go so far as to call President Donald Trump a fascist, but she does consider him "the most anti-democratic leader that [she has] studied in American history."

Via NPR:

Albright, who was born in Czechoslovakia and fled with her family after the Nazis occupied the country in 1939, notes that the United States has traditionally been viewed as a nation that opposes authoritarianism and supports democratic principles and human rights, but that perception is changing — in part because of President Trump.

Albright also said Trump continuously paints America as a victim:

Everything is somebody else's fault: Countries are taking advantage of us. The Mexicans are sending drug dealers. Countries are not paying their dues. The trading system is unfair. And by making Americans seem like victims all the time, it then is able to, again, make the divisions stronger in terms of who is with us, who is not with us, and it's totally anti-American foreign policy. And so I think it's very, very worrisome in terms of this victimhood.

But she doesn’t see the U.S. as victim in the least.

I see America as the most powerful country in the world that has a role to play, standing up for democratic ideals and human rights across the board.

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