Louisville Police Officer Filmed Giving Advice To Heavily-Armed 'Militia'

Screengrab / @BobTheComrade / Twitter


The officer is heard advising the 'militia' members where to stand and which areas of the city to avoid.

A Louisville police officer was filmed giving advice to a heavily-armed ‘militia’ group, instructing them on where to stand and advising that they avoid areas of the city where protests were expected, according to Newsweek.

  • The group claimed to be in Louisville to protect the police amid protests sparked by the verdict in the Breonna Taylor case.
  • In the video, the officer is heard warning the group that they would face arrest if they failed to heed his instructions.

"I don't want any of that kind of stuff to happen, OK?" he can be heard telling the woman, who is clutching a gun and wearing army fatigues. Standing next to her are two men holding weapons, one of whom is wearing a military-style uniform emblazoned with the word 'Militia.' They have with them radio equipment and handcuffs but do not appear to be part of the police or national guard.

  • The officer says to the group: "If you go down there, if you choose to, there is a grassy area along the north side of the road. Those people who want to come down today to exercise your second amendment rights or your first amendment rights..."
  • When the woman interrupts to say “we’re not protesters,” the officer responds: “Fantastic.”
  • The officer tells the group that his intention is to “watch over and protect everybody,” adding, “that’s all I do, right?”

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Louisville was at the center of nationwide protests Wednesday after a grand jury charged only one of the three officers involved in the death of Taylor, who was shot and killed in her Kentucky apartment in March.

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