Louisville Barbecue Cook Slain By Cops "Fed The Police For Free"


53-year-old David “YaYa” McAtee was killed when a shooting involving police took place near his restaurant.

Local 12 reports that when a shooting took place near Yaya’s BBQ, owner David “YaYa” McAtee was killed.

  • A little after midnight on June 1, police and national guard were enforcing a 9:00 PM curfew in Louisville, Kentucky. Local 12 reports, “Police said they were responding to gunfire from a crowd that had gathered” and that “YaYa's BBQ Shack [was] near where the shooting occurred.”
  • Steve Conrad, former police chief in Louisville, was relieved of his position by Mayor Greg Fischer (D-KY) for “institutional failure” because the two officers involved in the shooting either did not wear or activate their body cameras, leaving investigators with only distant crime center camera footage. Both officers have been placed on administrative leave.
  • Before the discovery that there was no body camera footage, Conrad claimed that shots were first fired at law enforcement, who then returned fire. Acting police chief Robert Schroeder said that available crime center camera footage, “is taken from a distance, but it gives an overview of the scene and clearly shows the officers reacting to gunfire.”
  • However, local Kris Smith said he was at the restaurant “just outside having a good time, having drinks, eating barbecue” when law enforcement arrived.
  • Smith said, “As soon as I walk to my car they jump out with the sticks, the police jump out with their sticks and their shields and stuff… It looked like something out of a movie. It looked like a freaking war zone.”
  • Local 12 writes that according to Smith, “He heard a loud noise, and a few minutes later gunfire erupted, he said.
  • Smith asserted that those who were patronizing YaYa’s BBQ were completely uninvolved in the protests.

Video taken by Kris Smith and shared by WHAS 11 portrays Smith taking video while standing by his car as law enforcement ask him to vacate the area. There are many authorities and some civilians. A large scale demonstration is not visible. There is a loud sound, possibly a gunshot, and several seconds later the sound of more gunshots.

  • The Daily Beast writes, “McAtee was cooking his world-class barbecue at an outdoor stand. He had been doing so every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night for two years.”
  • McAtee is “known for offering meals to police officers,” Local 12 writes.
  • The Beast reports that according to his mother Odessa Riley, “He extended his good will to those who are sworn to be our protectors” and “He fed the police for free.”
  • Schroeder said, “Over the years he's been a good friend to the police officers… frequently making sure our officers had a good meal on their shifts.”

The Beast reports that later on June 1, people did gather for a demonstration at the corner where YaYa’s stood, in order to mourn his death.

On a corner where a crowd had come to enjoy great food and good company the night before, several hundred people gathered to protest this latest killing. They really were demonstrating.

But they were doing it in their own way, one befitting a good son. A pastor led Riley [McAtee’s mother] and the rest of the family in prayer. His quiet words were accompanied by sobs.

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