Richard Burt, an American lobbyist for Russian interests and a former U.S. Ambassador to Germany during the Reagan Administration, has contradicted Attorney General Jeff Session’s sworn testimony.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) explicitly asked the Attorney General if he had, “any contacts with any representative, including any American lobbyist or agent of any Russian company.” Mr. Sessions answered the question in the language of Washington legalese, “I don’t believe so.”

In a conversation with the Guardian, Mr. Burt asserted that he had met with the Attorney General during two foreign policy dinners that occurred during the campaign. The Attorney General hosted both foreign policy dinners. The former U.S. Ambassador to Germany was asked to speak about foreign policy and national security at these public events.

During his testimony, Mr. Session’s claimed that he had not met with anyone representing Russian interests during 2016 campaign.

“I did attend two dinners with groups of former Republican foreign policy officials and Senator Sessions,” Mr. Burt told the Guardian.

When asked if Mr. Sessions may have been unfamiliar with his role as a lobbyist for Russian interests, Mr. Burt claimed that he did not know. Mr. Burt’s role as a lobbyist is disclosed in public records.