Lindsey Graham Reacts to His 1998 Claim That Ignoring Subpoenas is Impeachable

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Lindsey Graham made an appearance on Fox News last Sunday, where host Chris Wallace showed Graham a clip of himself warning about the dangers of ignoring subpoenas, during efforts to impeach former President Bill Clinton, reports Newsweek.

Wallace questioned Graham, who has seemingly reversed his opinion. Before airing the clip, Wallace said:

"You call all of what’s going on in Washington a political circus, but you took a different view back when you were leading the impeachment effort against Clinton back in the late '90s. At that time, you said that any president, and you talked specifically about Clinton and Richard Nixon, who defied Congress when it came to subpoenas was in danger of impeachment.”

In the clip, Graham can be heard saying, “You’re becoming the judge and jury. It is not your job to tell us what we need. It is your job to comply with the things we need to provide oversight over you.”

Wallace then pressed Graham to explain why ignoring subpoenas was an offense for Clinton, but not for Trump.

Graham replied with:

Well, there’s two things here. Special Counsel Robert] Mueller’s investigation was a special counsel appointed to find out if the president committed a crime; if he colluded with the Russians; if he obstructed justice. The president gave 1.4 million documents to Muller. Everybody around the president was allowed to testify. He never claimed executive privilege. He complied, no cover-up, worked with Mueller. Mueller’s the final word on this for me."

"If Clinton had stiffed Ken Starr, that’s different. What [Democratic House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold] Nadler is doing is trying to destroy the president and his family. If I were the president, I would fight back against this political revenge coming out of the House.”

“Mueller was the man of the law. Mueller was an independent voice that we all trusted to be fair. I don’t trust House Democrats to be fair. They’re trying to redo the Mueller report, they’re trying to make up other stuff and at the end of the day, it will be political suicide for them to impeach.”

Currently, House Democrats and the Trump administration are in the midst of a struggle over the Democratic subpoenas to gain more information on Mueller’s report on Russia.

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