Lindsey Graham: People Are Defending John McCain As A Way Of Attacking Trump

Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr

Lindsey Graham, a long-time friend of the late John McCain, blasted some who are criticizing the president's attacks.

President Donald Trump’s recent attacks on the late Senator John McCain elicited criticism from the Arizona Republican’s long-time friend, Senator Lindsey Graham.

But Graham did not blast the president for attempting to sully his good friend’s name; he blasted those criticizing Trump for attacking McCain.

Graham’s communications director posted video to Twitter on Wednesday, according to ThinkProgress, which shows the lawmaker from South Carolina saying many who are criticizing Trump over his remarks are simply using McCain for political purposes.

“A lot of people are coming to John’s defense now that called him crazy and a warmonger,” Graham said. “So it’s kinda interesting to see the politics of how this dispute’s being used to bash Trump by people who were against both Trump and McCain.”

After Trump began his most recent campaign against McCain, Graham was oddly silent before tweeting a response that failed to mention the president by name.

“He stepped forward to risk his life for his country, served honorably under difficult circumstances, and was one of the most consequential senators in the history of the body,” Graham said on Twitter. “Nothing about his service will ever be changed or diminished.”

The senator also neglected to drop names in his recent criticism of the president’s detractors, and ThinkProgress said Graham’s office did not immediately respond to questions “asking who the South Carolina senator was referencing and whether he believes it is inappropriate for people who disagreed with McCain’s hawkish foreign policy views to also disagree with the president obsessively attacking a deceased rival.”

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