Lindsey Graham Campaign Ad Shows Opponent With Altered Darker Skin Tone

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Graham's campaign said the effect had also been used on a photo of the senator and called the matter a "non-story."

Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) campaign released an ad on Facebook earlier this month depicting his opponent, who is Black, with a digitally altered darker skin tone, according to CNN.

  • The ad uses a photo of Democrat Jaime Harrison that was first published in The New York Times, the news outlet reported. But in Graham’s ad, Harrison is “surrounded by a dark, portrait-style background effect with a notably darker skin tone.”
  • Along with the image, which also features actress Kathy Griffin, the Facebook post states: "Hollywood continues to bankroll my opponent, raising tens of thousands in campaign cash to attack me -- but they fail to understand this simple fact: South Carolinians won't stand for Radical Leftists telling them how to think and how to vote. Are you with me?"

  • Graham’s campaign said the ad’s characterization of Harrison’s skin tone was a “non-story,” adding that the same effect was used previously on Graham’s face.

"It's sad that detractors are making up fake accusations about this graphic -- intended to highlight Jaime Harrison's support from Kathy Griffin, a liberal actress who once posed with a fake severed head of Donald Trump," T.W. Arrighi, communications director for Graham's campaign, told CNN in a statement Tuesday.

"The artistic effect used, the same one that was used on Senator Graham just two days before in a video, is a non-story. The only people who want to shift focus from policies important to South Carolinians -- like creating jobs and bringing our medical supply chain back from China -- are liberal detractors who are trying to hide their radical positions."

  • Harrison’s campaign did not comment to CNN on the record, instead directing the news outlet to JA Moore, a South Carolina state representative and Harrison campaign surrogate.
  • Moore said he was “disgusted” by the ad, telling CNN: "It's the kind of dog-whistle politics that the Republican party has been practicing for a number of years now.”
  • The Lexington County, South Carolina, Democratic Party responded similarly, tweeting: "We don't care how dark a person's skin might be. We vote for the person, not their skin pigment. We all know Jaime and know a fake photo.”

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