Lincoln Project Portrays Trump As Evil King In Grim ‘Fairytale’ Ad

Screengrab / The Lincoln Project / YouTube


“We’re living in a story as grim as any ever told," the ad says, after depicting Trump's presidency as a grim fairytale.

The Lincoln Project, a group of anti-Trump Republicans working to thwart the president’s reelection, released a new ad painting President Donald Trump as the evil king in a grim fairytale — the moral of which is to head to the polls and vote.

  • Told in the style of the Brothers Grimm and set to animation, the story begins with a man coming down from his tower to be crowned “the most powerful man on Earth.”
  • The man immediately “gives to the rich and takes from the poor,” the narrator says.
  • “He makes friends with our enemies, and enemies of our friends,” she continues, as the animated Trump bows before Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is seated upon a throne.
  • Then a terrible disease sets upon the land, and Trump tells his people, “Fear Not. For it is a hoax and will not harm those who believe in me.”
  • Later, “as thousands and thousands die,” he tells the people that “all will disappear with the sip of his magic potion.” At this point, the animation shows Trump pouring bleach into a witch's cauldron as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Mike Pence, both dressed as witches, watch on.
  • He attacks his own people with “noxious gases” when the people “cry for help,” the narrator says, and “Forces children out of their homes and into the plague filled air” to go to school.
  • The story concludes: “We’re living in a story as grim as any ever told and the lesson? Vote and send the man back to his tower for good.”



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