Limbaugh: We Must “Adapt” To The Pandemic Like The Donner Party's Cannibalism

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Right-wing commentator Rush Limbaugh calls on Americans to "adapt" to COVID in comparison to Donner cannibalism.

Right-wing commentator Rush Limbaugh recently argued, “This isn’t who we are, folks, this cowering and fearful and almost giving up in the face of this enemy, COVID-19. We’ve not ever done anything like this before. So much of the way we are dealing with this is unprecedented — and it’s un-American.”

  • Friendly Atheist dissents, saying that the real issue is the US inability to fight the coronavirus with tenacity, which requires listening to epidemiologists, sacrifice, and being prepared with medical equipment.
  • Limbaugh instead defends President Trump’s leadership, and turns to the cannibalism practiced by the Donner Party to adapt to the group’s needs.

It’s just what was. They didn’t complain about it, because there was nothing they could do. They had to adapt. This is what’s missing. There seems to be no concept of adaptation. There seems to be no understanding in the Millennial generation that we can adapt to this, and that we’re going to have to.

The Twittersphere responded to Limbaugh’s resolution that the American public needs to “adapt” to the fatal virus, the way the Donner family resorted to cannibalism.

  • User @Vic_Moore901 tweeted, “I hate to tell @RushLimbaughEIB this, but if we’re endorsing cannibalism, I’m taking that as permission that we can start with him. Anyone want to join me for a big dinner of Limbaugh steaks?”
  • User @jasontclark tweeted, “So cannibalism is the best plan that we have available to us? First Jones now Rush. Call me crazy, but I think wearing a mask might be worth a shot before we start looking for wines to pair with sautéed neighbors.”
  • User @tomcgabel tweeted, “The donner party got lost because their leader didn’t know what he was doing, and looking for a shortcut that didn’t exist. If that’s not an apt comparison I don’t know what is. Also they failed miserably and had to be rescued.”
  • User @gogogadgethead2 tweeted, “So we should not complain and adapt...seems like the non maskers are the one's complaining and not adapting. Cant close bars Rush? Why not? You JUST said we can adapt. But not to a closed bar or wearing a mask? Most have adapted. Your listeners haven't”

Friendly Atheist concludes that wearing masks and taking safety precautions can prevent such dire consequences.

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