Like Confederate Statues, Trump’s Border Wall Is A Monument To White Supremacy

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead/YouTube

Bryan Lee Jr. said President Trump's border wall would be a "racist monument" and "next-level propaganda."

Writing for City Lab, architect and “design justice advocate” Bryan Lee Jr. wrote that President Trump’s imagined border wall is symbolism for white supremacy. According to City Lab, Bryan Lee is a designer and the founder/director of Colloqate Design, a nonprofit multidisciplinary design practice dedicated to expanding community access to design and creating spaces of racial, social, and cultural equity.”

In his piece, Lee wrote about his views on remaining Confederate monuments and the power of symbolism in America. For him and for many, the border wall stands as propaganda of racist motives from President Trump and his administration. He also cited the president’s vilification of migrants and how he has repeatedly capitalized on anti-immigrant sentiment from his voter base.

“As the Trump administration conceives it, a border wall would be next-level propaganda: a racist monument designed to stretch across states, dividing humans, instilling fear in communities, and occupying land to promote a system that views migrants and refugees as an enemy to be subjugated through force.”