Life-long Republican Voter Voices Support for “Anyone Who Can Beat Donald Trump”

Screengrab / @RVAT2020 / Twitter


Lifetime Republican condemns Trump's response to the COVID-19 crisis, saying he will vote for Biden to unseat Trump.

Republican Voters Against Trump conveyed in a Twitter post that a longtime Republican voter has decided to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming election due to President Trump’s disgraceful failure at handling COVID-19.

The tweeted video is accompanied by the caption: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. This fall John won’t make the mistake of voting for Trump again.”

  • In 2016, John, a professional historian and archaeologist from Florida, voted for Trump, seeking a Republican president and “somebody new.” Three and a half years later, John realized that “we have elected someone who is far from being intelligent, or cultured, and would love to see the end of democracy.”
  • The US has hit rock bottom in world standing, both economically and in terms of leadership; American no longer holds respect on the international playing field.
  • John says, “Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 is a disgrace. It has caused more death than the Vietnam war.”
  • He expresses his appalled response to Trump showing contempt for national parks, or anything related to cultural resources, archaeology, and art.
  • John “will vote for anyone who can beat Donald Trump.” Though he is not changing party, John will vote for Joe Biden, and then readjust at the following election.


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