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The Friendly Atheist reports that one of America’s top Christian-based colleges -- Liberty University -- has completely done away with its philosophy department. The move comes after Liberty fired a dozen people from its Rawlings School of Divinity, effective at the end of May.

  • Former Liberty University professor Dr. Mark Foreman took to Twitter yesterday to comment on his new employment status:

“Liberty University has chosen to completely dissolve the philosophy department. As of June 30 I am unemployed,” he wrote.

  • After 30 years of service, Dr. Foreman received a letter letting him know of his status as an employee. No phone call or face-to-face meeting was given.
  • None of the professors laid off have tenure or retirement benefits to fall back on.

The cuts could come from COVID-19 troubles. Campuses across the country have had to shutter their classrooms and move to online platforms, causing lower enrollment numbers. But Liberty’s choice to totally do away with an entire subject instead of thinning employment across the board speaks volumes.

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