Lesley Stahl Gets Security Detail After Death Threat Over Trump Interview

Screengrab / 60 Minutes / YouTube


An unidentified suspect reportedly called Lesley Stahl's home and threatened her and her family.

According to New York Daily News, “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl was provided a full-time security detail by CBS News after a family member received a death threat over her recent interview with President Donald Trump.

An unidentified suspect called Stahl’s home Thursday, just hours before the president released his own copy of the interview on Facebook, and threatened her and her family and “said something about neo-Nazis,” TMZ reported Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Police Department would not confirm whether an investigation has been launched.

  • Trump had cut the interview short, the Daily News noted, after he had “stringently objected to Stahl’s ‘tough’ questions in the taped sit-down.”
  • The president then posted his video of the interview online ahead of its airing on “60 Minutes”, despite having claimed the footage would be for archival purposes only.
  • Trump claimed he posted it to show “the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of ’60 Minutes' and CBS.”
  • When the network finally aired its full version of the interview Sunday night, nearly 17 million people tuned in, the largest “60 Minutes” audience since its March 2018 Stormy Daniels show, according to CBS.

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