Leaked Documents Allege The NRA Has Been Spending $100,000 A Day On Lawyers

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The NRA is trying to file a lawsuit against the state of New York, but at an extraordinarily high cost.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) may be in a dire financial situation according to leaked documents that indicate the organization is facing close to $24 million in legal fees as it embarks on federal litigation against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, according to the Huffington Post.

Former NRA president Oliver North revealed the legal fees “threaten the future of the NRA.” According to North, the organization has been spending close to $100,000 per day to compensate attorney Bill Brewer.

Last week, North said he would not seek reelection to his position after failing to topple CEO Wayne LaPierre, who has recently fallen under fire for reportedly evading the draft through a medical exemption.

LaPierre has reportedly compounded the organization’s financial problems by logging extraordinary travel expenses, including a $39,000 shopping spree in Beverly Hills. According to a letter written by North, reviewed by the Wall Street Journal, LaPierre billed close to $500,000 to the NRA’s ad agency and spent $267,460 in travel and rent expenses.

NRA President Carolyn Meadows said the documents had “no bearing on the board’s support of Wayne and the work the NRA does to protect America’s constitutional freedoms.”

In addition to its lawsuit against Andrew Cuomo, the organization is facing a separate inquiry by the New York Attorney General, as well as pressure from Illinois representative Brad Schneider, who asked the Internal Revenue Service to review a series of NRA business deals.

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