Leaked Docs: Exxon To Boost Emissions As Climate Change Related Deaths Surge

Exxon Mobil CEO Darren Woods.Screengrab / CNBC Television / YouTube


Leaked documents from Exxon Mobil reveal the company is planning a massive boost to carbon-dioxide emissions.

Leaked internal documents form Exxon Mobil Corp. show the company is planning to massively increase carbon-dioxide emissions even as experts warn the world could see hundreds of thousands of climate change related deaths each year.

  • The documents, reviewed by Bloomberg, show that “Exxon’s own assessment of its $210 billion investment strategy shows yearly emissions rising 17% by 2025, according to the internal documents.”

The additional 21 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year that would result from ramping up production dwarfs Exxon’s projections for its own efforts to reduce pollution, such as deploying renewable energy and burying some carbon dioxide.

  • Per Bloomberg, “Greenhouse gases from direct operations, such as those measured by Exxon, typically account for a fifth of the total at a large oil company.”

  • Exxon’s estimates do not account for end-user emissions, like customers burning fuel in their vehicles.

  • “That means the full climate impact of Exxon’s growth strategy would likely be five times the company’s estimate—or about 100 million tons of additional carbon dioxide—had the company accounted for so-called Scope 3 emissions," according to the report.

  • Bloomberg noted that Exxon has never committed to setting a date for becoming carbon neutral, nor has it committed to lowering gas and oil output.

  • Meanwhile, the World Health Organization predicted five years ago that climate change could result in 250,000 deaths per year, and experts now say it would be significantly more, according to CNN.

Due to climate change-related food shortages alone, the world could see a net increase of 529,000 adult deaths [by 2050](https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(15%2901156-3/fulltext), the report said. Climate change could force 100 million people into extreme poverty by 2030 and poverty makes people more vulnerable to health problems.


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