Leading Iowa Newspaper Demands Iowa’s 2 GOP Senators Call Witnesses

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The Des Moines Register editorial board wrote that Sens. Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley should support new witnesses.

The Des Moines Register editorial board on Wednesday called upon Iowa Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley to support additional witnesses in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial — even going so far as to say it would be reasonable for people to question Ernst’s loyalty to the U.S. Constitution.

“It is hard to imagine anyone questioning Sen. Joni Ernst’s allegiance to President Donald Trump,” the editorial began. “She has been among his most unwavering supporters.”

But as Trump’s impeachment trial continues, the newspaper wrote, some Iowans “may question her allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and the integrity of the U.S. Senate.”

All of the senators “would benefit from hearing from witnesses to have as much information as possible before” deciding whether Trump should be removed from office, but Republicans appear to have no interest in uncovering new information.

Ernst and Grassley “should step up and publicly support hearing from witnesses,” “vote ‘yes’ if the Senate takes up the question of whether to issue subpoenas — and insist that any issued subpoenas are enforced,” the editorial advised.

Noting that Ernst speculated on Monday that Iowans might not be as supportive of former Vice President Joe Biden as the impeachment proceedings unfold, the newspaper warned the senator that her own reelection bid could be in danger.

“She might want to contemplate whether the process, and her comments, will influence Iowa voters when they go to the polls in November to decide whether she deserves a second term,” the editorial board wrote.

As for why Senate Republicans should support hearing from additional witnesses and issuing subpoenas, the editorial concluded:

The president’s defenders argue that it would be inappropriate for senators, as jurors, to seek information that House Democrats, as prosecutors, didn’t provide. But that stance requires fatalistic acceptance of Trump’s categorical obstruction of the House’s attempts to procure more witnesses and information, and blithe dismissal of the many differences between this proceeding and a conventional criminal trial.

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If Ernst and Grassley support the Russian disinformation being peddled by Senator, the cockamamie theory ofPhilbin and Dershowitz and the institution of the 4th Nazi Reich, they ought to be called back to Iowa.

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