Leaders In Denmark, Where COVID Is Under Control, Refuse To Shake Pompeo’s Hand

@John_Hudson / Twitter


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's offer of a handshake was rebuffed by officials in Denmark on Wednesday.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attempted to shake hands with Danish officials on Wednesday during his trip to Europe, but his greeting was rebuffed as they avoided touching his hands.

  • RawStory noted that Washington Post national security reporter John Hudson made the revelation on Twitter, writing: “In Denmark (which does not have a corona outbreak) Pompeo went to shake hands with the Danish Foreign Minister, who didn’t offer his hand back. Pompeo extended his hand to the Faroese FM who also would not shake hands. Pompeo then elbow bumped with the Greenlandic FM.”
  • The report also notes that “Denmark has averaged less than one COVID-19 death per day over the last week, while the United States is now averaging nearly 800 COVID-19 deaths a day,” according to data gathered by the Financial Times.
  • Similarly, Denmark “is averaging just over 34 new COVID-19 cases a day,” while “the United States is now averaging more than 65,000 new cases per day.”


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