Leader Of Trump’s Bible Study Used Bible To Justify Placing Children In Cages

Screengrab/Capitol Ministries/YouTube

Ralph Drollinger, head of Capitol Ministries, offered a biblical defense of President Trump's "zero-tolerance" policy.

All law-breakers should assume they will be separated from their children, according to Capitol Ministries leader Ralph Drollinger – the man who heads prayer and bible study meetings with officials on Capitol Hill.

Drollinger, who has staunchly defended the Trump administration’s decision to separate immigrant children from their parents as it prosecutes all border crossings between ports of entry, said Attorney General Jeff Sessions was right to use Scripture to justify his “zero-tolerance” immigration policy – drawing a comparison between immigrants seeking asylum and “thieves and murders”.

From The Intercept:

“It follows that when someone breaks the law of the land that they should anticipate that one of the consequences of their illegal behavior will be separation from their children,” Drollinger wrote. “Such is the case with thieves or murderers who are arrested and put in jail.”

The faith leader’s words came by way of a message sent to his supporters Friday, which included references to ancient Israel as proof Sessions was spot on with his immigration policies:

[T]he Capitol Ministries leader said, there are “three classifications of people in every country, as was true in ancient Israel in the Old Testament.” In Drollinger’s interpretation, there are citizens, legal immigrants, and foreigners — the latter were known as being “illegal,” he said — and the Bible only forbids family separation for citizens and legal immigrants.

And despite the fact that Sessions’ own denomination – the United Methodist Church – has brought church charges against him, in part for his use of Scripture to support his policy, Drollinger said the attorney general was on solid ground:

“The passage the Attorney General cited, Romans 13, bespeaks of this: there are and there should be serious, known consequences for breaking the laws of the land — otherwise the law becomes toothless and inconsequential and it is no longer a deterrent to harmful behavior, which is what God designed it to be,” Drollinger wrote.

Drollinger – who holds significant sway among certain Trump administration officials, including Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, as well as other elected leaders – has long held such a stance on immigration.

In a 2016 Bible study, Drollinger said “immigration laws of every nation should be Biblically based and strictly enforced — all with the utmost confidence that assurance that God approves such actions by the nation’s leaders.”

“To procedurally exclude foreign individuals who might be criminals, traitors, or terrorists, or who possess communicable diseases is not racist in the least!”

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