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The Atlantic reports on the discovery of thousands of pages of documents written by 72-year-old attorney Roy Den Hollander, the self-described “anti-feminist” who officials say is the chief suspect in the shootings of a New Jersey federal judge’s son and husband.

  • Judge Esther Salas’s son was killed in the attack at their home on July 19, and her husband was wounded.
  • Den Hollander was later found dead in Rockland, New York with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.
  • One 2,028 document collection in question was released in bulk on the Internet Archive in 2019 by an account named Roy17den, which seems to mirror Den Hollander’s Twitter account @roy17den and the email address he used for personal correspondence and court filings.
  • In it, Den Hollander attacks Salas by name, claiming that she was an “affirmative action case” and that “Latinas” such as her were “usually a problem—driven by an inferiority complex.”
  • The Atlantic explains that there are more “misogynistic, racist writings” beyond this document, totaling to more than 10,000 pages of PDFs, which Den Hollander “wrote over a period of years.”

The Atlantic describes Salas as follows:

Judge Salas came from a disadvantaged background. She is the daughter of a Cuban immigrant; her home burned down when she was 10, and her family lost everything. Salas eventually earned her bachelor’s and law degrees from Rutgers University, became a public defender, and was elected president of New Jersey’s Hispanic Bar Association. “For this little girl from Union City to grow up and become a U.S. District Judge—it’s beyond words,” she told a local reporter after she became a federal judge in 2006.

However, Den Hollander saw Salas differently:

It was the usual effort to blame a man and turn someone into super girl—daddy abandoned us, we were indigent, which means they lived off of the taxpayer, but we overcame all odds.

He also calls Salas’s public defender career a decade of “representing lumpen proletariat ne’er-do-wells” and says her “one accomplishment” was being a high school cheerleader.

  • The Atlantic explains that Den Hollander became aware of Salas through a lawsuit he filed. He “held deeply misogynistic beliefs about women and filed a series of lawsuits against what he considered unfair advantages they had over men.”
  • In one of these suits he argued that it was unconstitutional for women not to be subject to military draft. The case reached Salas’s court in 2019, and she allowed the lawsuit to proceed through the court system, a stark contrast to Den Hollander’s many other suits that had been thrown out by courts.
  • Nevertheless, Den Hollander writes that he believed Salas was intentionally delaying the case in a bid at career advancement.

Meanwhile, Den Hollander’s had a warm attitude toward President Donald J. Trump.

  • In his writings, Den Hollander mentions more than once that he was a volunteer for Trump’s presidential campaign.
  • Of Trump’s electoral victory, he wrote, “Every so often truth and justice win out.”
  • “I did volunteer work for Trump’s campaign because I hate PC-Feminism more than I hate America,” Den Hollander explains. “If I had hated America more, I would have worked for Hillary’s campaign.”
  • He even claims that amid the 2016 scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s hacked email server, he had “a great idea to help Trump” during the campaign by attempting to solicit evidence of Clinton’s “bleached or classified emails” from a “GRU buddy.”
  • The contact denied having any such emails, which Den Hollander explains he took as an indicator that the Russian government in fact “did not hack the server or they wanted Hillary to win.”

On page 1,776 of his PDF, Den Hollander explicitly references the use of violence:

The Feminists should be careful in their meddling with nature. There are 300 million firearms in this country, and most of them are owned by guys.

And on page 1,880, he adds,

It makes no sense for men to disarm in the face of an evil that wants to exercise totalitarian power over them. They have a right to revolt against that tyranny, to take it down. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the tyranny of George III or the Feminists.

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