Lawyer Of MN Officer: Bystanders Should Have Helped George Floyd During Arrest

Sarah Shaiman

He claimed opinions would change once the body cam footage is released to the public.

A lawyer for one of the three former Minneapolis police officers charged in the death of George Floyd said during an appearance on Cuomo Prime Time that bystanders should have intervened to help Floyd if they were concerned about his well being, Insider reported.

Minnesota pressed charges against the three officers who stood by while Officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd. All three were charged with aiding and abetting murder.

  • Earl Gray, the attorney of Thomas Lane, claimed the officer did not have a clear view of the situation as it happened because he was holding Floyd’s feet.
  • Gray said, “If the public is there and they're so in an uproar about this, they didn't intercede either.”
  • Cuomo fired back, “And the idea that the civilians should have rushed in to a policing situation in the inner city of Minneapolis against four police officers that have weapons and are kneeling on the neck of a man — don't you think that's asking a little much of civilians and a little too little of your client?”
  • Gray claims that if the public saw his client’s body cam footage they would have a different opinion. However, Lane’s body cam footage has not been released.
  • Lane was on his fourth day as a full-time officer, and Chauvin was his training officer.

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