Lawmaker Who Punched Wife For Refusing Sex Blames Media For “Fabrications”

Screengrab / FOX10 News - WALA / YouTube

In a joint letter with his wife, Mississippi State Rep. Doug McLeod blamed the media for his current difficulties.

Mississippi State Representative Doug McLeod allegedly punched his wife, Michelle McLeod, in the face last Saturday night, May 18, according to the Sun Herald.

According to the sheriff’s report filed after the incident at their house, McLeod hit his wife because she was taking too long to undress for sex.

The couple has released a joint statement, in which McLeod does not apologize to his wife. The statement blames the media for misrepresenting their situation, and McLeod cites “many fabrications and misrepresentations.”

Michelle McLeod also mentioned “misleading reporting”:

“We would ask that you reserve judgment and request that the you respect our family and our family’s privacy.”

“We are not the people who have recently been displayed in certain stories. While Doug nor I claim to be perfect, the twisting of information has misrepresented me and the truth. .”

The Republican lawmaker has asked the community to keep him in their “thoughts and prayers.”

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