Last Year, Trump Bragged About Acing His Dementia Exam At A GOP Dinner

Gage Skidmore / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

“There aren’t a lot of people that can do that," he boasted, when, in fact, most people can.

At a Republican National Committee dinner last February, President Donald Trump boasted the perfect score he received on a cognitive health assessment from his recent physical exam, Business Insider reports.

During the portion of Trump's address, the press were escorted out of the meeting room in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. But in a recording obtained by Breitbart News, Trump bragged about his "30-for-30" score on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test.

“You know that’s risky,” the president said. “If I take it, it doesn’t come out so good, they don’t get rid of it. It’s risky, does that make sense to people?”

Trump stated that identifying animal sketches at the beginning of the test was fairly easy, but that the latter portions of the exam containing word recall questions were significantly harder.

“Let me tell you, those last ten questions are hard,” Trump said, adding, “There aren’t a lot of people that can do that.”

The exam screens older patients for cognitive diseases including Alzeimer's and Parkinson's and takes only 10 minutes. Experts accept it as one of the easiest ways to determine if someone is exhibiting early signs of dementia.

Following the press conference, Business Insider's Hillary Brueck wrote, “For anyone without age-related cognitive declines, it’s a pretty easy exam.”

You can take the test here.

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