Last Night, Trump ‘Joked’ About Extended His Presidency 10-14 Years

The Epoch Times / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Trump told supporters that his joke about extending his term was for the sole purpose of provoking the media.

For the third time this week, President Donald Trump “joked” about extending the length of his term in office, this time at a campaign rally in Panama City Beach, Florida. He told supporters that he could be president for “10 or 14” years as a way to elicit reaction from media sources, The Hill reports.

He said to the crowd that if he suggested extending his stay in office, newspapers and news channels would say, “See, he’s a despot.”

“There'll be headlines tomorrow: ‘Donald Trump wants to break Constitution,’” Trump said. He added that his purpose of making the comments was to irritate media “Fakers.”

The Constitution prohibits presidents from serving more than two terms, totalling eight years, in office.

“In six years, they’re all going to be out of business,” Trump said, referencing news outlets.

On Sunday, Trump mentioned on his Twitter feed twice that he should have his term extended by two years because of the “corrupt failed coup” that was special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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