Last Night, Biden Said Drug Users Should Not Face Jail For Drug Use

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“I don’t believe anyone should be going to drug courts for drug use," Joe Biden said during Thursday's town hall.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said during Thursday night’s town hall that it was a mistake to support the 1994 law that imposed harsher punishments for drug possession and that he doesn’t believe people should face jail time for drug use.

The Independent reports:

“I don’t believe anyone should be going to drug courts for drug use,” the Democratic presidential candidate said during a town hall on ABC.

He has previously called his support for the legislation a “big mistake" during a January 2019 event before he announced his candidacy in the 2020 race.

The former vice president, who in the 1990s authored the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act while a US senator from Delaware, said people with records for marijuana possession should have their records cleared and that the US should instead build “rehab centres to have people housed."

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I’d be in favour of harsher sentences for drug pushers rather than the users.


It should be the pushers and their hierarchy who should spend more time jail!!

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