Language Police: Trump Bans 'Science-Based' From CDC Work-Product

The Trump administration has barred the use of 7-words from CDC-work product.

The Trump administration has banned a series of descriptive of terms from CDC-work products. The terms: evidence-based,science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, and fetus may no longer be used by the CDC policy analysts.

"CDC policy analysts at headquarters in Atlanta were briefed about the banned words at a Thursday meeting with officials who oversee CDC’s budget. The meeting was led by Alison Kelly, a senior leader in the agency’s Office of Financial Services, who told attendees that she was just relaying the directive, the Post reported, and that the words were supposed to be scrubbed from documents that are being prepared for the president's budget for 2019 — or else they’d be sent back to the agency for correction."