LA Executive Recorded On Tape Beating His Dog

Screengrab / @DosesWithMal / Twitter


Jeffrey Previte could be seen on security camera footage grabbing the dog by its throat and slapping it around.

Jeffrey Previte, the CEO of LA-based environmental consulting firm EBI Consulting, was caught via security camera cruelly beating his four-month-old puppy ‘Beachy’.

The Daily Mail reports:

Shocking video shows the CEO of an LA environmental consulting firm mercilessly attacking his puppy in a luxury condominium building in footage exclusively obtained by

Jeffrey Previte, 46, was caught on security camera thrashing his defenseless four-month-old dog Beachy and grabbing the whimpering hound by the throat at his apartment in the Seychelle Condominiums building in Santa Monica, California.

In the video taken on August 22, the off-duty CEO can be seen yanking the dog off the floor by the scruff of its neck and violently jerking the animal through a door before giving it a hard smack.

The concierge on duty at the time said, “I heard the dog screaming and when I looked on the camera, I saw him beating the dog.”

He filed a report with the building manager, but the concierge said his report was not taken seriously.

When he told Previte he had witnessed the incident, had the footage and planned to write a report, “He became irate... and then he hung up on me,” the man said, adding: “He apologized the next day, but I didn't think it was a sincere apology.”

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