KY City Commissioner Resigns After Her Son Calls Protests “Planet Of The Apes”


She believes her “presence on the commission would… be a distraction from the work the commission has before it.”

13 News reports that Commissioner Patricia Steen of Ashland, Kentucky resigned her seat on the Ashland Board of Commissioners following what she described as her “failure to condemn a Facebook post of [her] son's.”

  • In the post, Steen’s son describes recent protests, rioting, and civil unrest in these terms: “every major city has turned into planet of the apes [sic].”
  • He adds, “everyone seems to have forgotten about the coronavirus pandemic. I hope all the rioters spread it to one another and the first responders they have been attacking do nothing for them.”
  • The City of Ashland sent a statement to 13 News in which Steen expresses sorrow for not condemning her son’s post.

WCHS reports that Steen expressed similar sentiments in her letter of resignation to Mayor Steve Gilmore and the City Commission. She wrote,

I am deeply saddened and sorrowful by the pain I have caused by my failure to condemn a Facebook post of my son's. Anyone who knows me knows my heart and I have always tried to have the best interests of all Ashland's citizens as my only motivation as a city commissioner… [I] believe my presence on the commission would only be a distraction from the work the commission has before it and I have therefore decided to resign my seat on the commission effective immediately.

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Header image credit: Screengrab / City of Ashland, KY / YouTube


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