Kushner, The Grandson Of Holocaust Refugees, Defends Trump’s Anti-Refugee Stand


Of refugees today, Jared Kushner said "you can’t have all of them come into your country.”

Jared Kushner’s grandparents came to the United States fleeing Nazi Germany, but the White House senior adviser has no problem with President Donald Trump’s desire to whittle down the number of refugees coming to the country today.

During his interview with “Axios on HBO,” Kushner praised his own family history as indicative of "how great this country is” — but then qualified his statement by saying "you can’t have all of them come into your country.”

Axios noted that Trump is seeking to trim refugee admissions to the U.S. to the lowest level in four decades, but Kushner said how many the government permits to enter "doesn’t make a difference one way or the another.”

Instead, the presidential son-in-law said focus should remain on providing aid for refugees to stay in their home countries:

"I think the amount of money you can spend to help refugees to resettle in their countries and deal with aid is very impactful.”

Yet the Trump administration has cut funding for the very aid Kushner claims to support. The president’s 2020 budget proposal would slash funding for the State Department sub-agency overseeing the refugee program by nearly 90 percent, Axios reported.

Further, in 2018 “the U.S. stopped funding the UN program that helps the roughly 5 million Palestinian refugees. Kushner reportedly supported the cuts.”

The U.S. has dropped its cap on refugee resettlements from 110,000 to just 30,000 since Trump became president — which represents a record low, according to Axios.

"We’re doing our best ... to make sure that you're funding these situations so that the people who are immediately becoming refugees can have as much care as possible," Kushner said.

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