Kurdish Leader Assassinated Following Trump’s Betrayal Of Kurds



Hevrin Khalaf was killed when her car was ambushed and she and her bodyguards were executed on the roadside.

Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf was laid to rest on Wednesday, after she and her bodyguards were killed execution style during a roadside ambush that was filmed by their attackers, according to The Washington Post.

Khalaf, secretary general of the Kurdish Future Syria Party, was on her way to party headquarters at the time of the deadly assault, which came after Turkey began its offensive in northern Syria.

President Donald Trump received bipartisan rebuke after telling Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a phone call that he would withdraw U.S. troops from the region, making way for the Turkish incursion.

Khalaf's death was deemed a war crime by Kurdish authorities, who “have accused an Islamist fighter of Khalaf’s killing, identifying him as a member of the rebel group Ahrar al-Sharqiya,” The Post reported.

The group is part of the Syrian National Army, “an umbrella group fighting alongside Turkish armed forces in northeastern Syria.”

On Tuesday, a U.S. State Department spokesperson told the newspaper that reports of Khalaf’s death and the killings of several captured Syrian Democratic Forces fighters were “extremely troubling, reflecting the overall destabilization of northeast Syria since the commencement of hostilities.”

The spokesperson added: “We condemn in the strongest of terms any mistreatment and extrajudicial execution of civilians or prisoners, and are looking further into these circumstances.”

The Center for Studies and Protection of Women’s Rights in Syria paid tribute Khalaf, saying in a statement:

“Hevrin Khalaf was not a fighter fighting in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces or others. She was a Syrian citizen and a civil engineer who worked to serve her homeland, Syria. What she was exposed to, a barbaric murder at the hands of Erdogan’s lackeys, only reveals the malice of these groups and their lack of humanity.”

A member of Ahrar al-Sharqiya said the group is investigating Khalaf’s killing but told The Post that “until now, there has been no proof” that one of its members is responsible for the murders.

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