Koch Heir's Fashion Line Is Reason Enough For A Hefty Inheritance Tax

Wyatt Koch, scion of one of the Koch Bros. also happens to be a fashion designer of mediocre ability

Wyatt Koch wants the world to know that he is a fashion designer, not just any type of fashion designer, but a fashion designer for men who like to chomp cigars and wear extremely busy shirts.

In a reel making its way around the internet, Koch shows off his artistic process along with an attempt to sell himself an alpha male lady's man.

Koch’s brand, Wyatt Ingraham, sports the tagline “Be Bold™” — and he delivers. The shirts, with bright colors and busy patterns, are definitely what we’d call “bold.” They’re also what we’d call “seizure-inducing” and “oh God, why?”

In the video, Wyatt, a billionaire's son gives life advice to us Plebs:

“you can do whatever you want to in life, but just make sure you do it well and you do it with passion.”

Thanks dude. We''ll remember that the next time we have to choose between paying rent or eating.