Kirstjen Nielsen, The Ex-WH Official Who Caged Babies, Worries She Is Unhirable

Photo courtesy of the DHS / Public Domain

Nielsen's family separation policies make her unpopular among potential employers.

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen is reportedly having a tough time transitioning from her career in the White House to one in the private sector. Senior administration officials typically have job opportunities at the helms of major corporations and boards lined up, but for the ex-Secretary of Homeland Security, being one of the main faces and names of family separation isn’t very appealing to potential employers, The Atlantic reports.

“She’s going to have a real challenge getting on boards,” said a Republican official close to Nielsen's team.

Nielsen has experienced these worries before—in May 2018, rumors circulated that Nielsen would be leaving the White House, either voluntarily or by President Trump’s orders. And at the time, the administration's brutal immigration policy, including family separation, was plastered in every newspaper and website.

“It was like, ‘We’re going to get hung with this,’" said the operative, who wished to remain anonymous. “So they were thinking even then, ‘What does she do after this?’”

Staff writer at The Atlantic Elaina Plott has interviewed over a dozen officials in the past two years who worry that a career in Fox News is the only one waiting for them after their time in the White House. Some officials decided early on to avoid any interaction with the public spotlight with the hopes of saving their future careers.

But, according to former and current administration aides, Nielsen’s career opportunities aren’t looking bright.

“Family separations make her completely and totally unhirable,” said one former senior White House official. “I mean, major companies will face employee or shareholder protests over hiring any high-profile Trump person. But for someone who oversaw that debacle, holy crap—it’d be insane.”

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