Kentucky Man Says Employer Punished Him For Refusing To Undergo Exorcism

acebal/CC BY 2.0/Flickr


Jason Fields, a Hampton Inn employee, is suing his boss for punishing him after he refused to undergo exorcism.

According to WKYT, a man from eastern Kentucky filed a lawsuit against Hampton Inn and his boss. He alleges that he was punished by his boss for refusing to undergo exorcism. The plaintiff is Jason Fields of Leslie County and the defendants are Hampton Inn, Employee Resource Group and Sharon Lindon.

Fields said he began working at Hampton Inn as a front desk employee in 2016. His boss, Sharon Lindon, found out that Fields was going through a divorce. Lindon believed the marital problems were a result of Fields’s demons.

Lindon allegedly told Fields that he needed to be cleansed in order to keep his job. Lindon gave him a questionnaire with questions about religion and intimate activities. Fields was asked to return the questionnaire to Lindon before undergoing exorcism.

Fields says that because he did not participate in the questionnaire or the exorcism, Lindon punished him by changing his shift and asking members of the ministry to come in and pray for him in front of guests while he worked. Fields eventually quit his job.

The lawsuit accuses Lindon of religious discrimination because Fields didn’t share her beilefs.

Hampton Inn released a statement about the lawsuit:

“We were notified Wednesday, March 27th that a lawsuit has been filed. We intend to do a thorough investigation of the accusations made within the lawsuit. As a company, we oppose all types of discrimination and await our opportunity to discuss our side. At this time we have no further comments.”


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