Kentucky Lawmaker Who Killed Himself Claimed He Could Raise The Dead

Screengrab/CBS This Morning/YouTube

One of many dubious claims, the miraculous acts were alleged to have happened during a missions trip to South America.

Kentucky lawmaker and preacher Dan Johnson, who claimed his own life Wednesday in the wake of sexual assault allegations, had previously claimed he raised the dead and healed the sick.

One of numerous unsubstantiated claims Johnson made over the years, the miraculous acts were alleged to have taken place during a mission trip Johnson took to South America in 1991.

On the church's website, Johnson promotes a June 1991 letter written by Dr. David Fischer, pastor of the Living Waters Church. Fischer’s letter asserts that in Venezuela in March 1991, Johnson placed his fingers in the ears of a man who had been deaf since birth. Johnson healed the man instantly, just one of several healings on that mission trip.

Later, Johnson approached a dead woman in front of a crowd of about 7,000 in Colombia. Her skin “looked like rubber with a darkness under it,” the letter claims. “She was slumped over in a chair.” Johnson lifted her out of the chair, according to Fischer's letter. He spoke to death and commanded it to leave. “Then Danny spoke life to her and she took a breath ... and another breath. She was raised from the dead!”

Fischer recently admitted that he could not recall details of the 26-year-old letter but said he did not personally witness any miracles it might contain.

Who actually witnessed the miraculous healing powers of Kentucky’s pope, bishop and future state representative? Fischer couldn’t say.