Kentucky Judge Orders Grand Jury Records Unsealed In Breonna Taylor Case

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announces the decision in the Breonna Taylor case on Sept. 23.Screengrab / 10 Tampa Bay / YouTube


The judge cited a need to show if "publicly elected officials are being honest" about the grand jury proceedings.

On Tuesday, a Kentucky judge ordered the release of grand jury records from the Breonna Taylor investigation, citing the need to reveal whether "publicly elected officials are being honest,” according to NBC News.

  • The order means jurors will now be permitted to speak publicly about the case and answer questions.
  • Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Annie O'Connell said the ruling applies only to the Taylor case, which is unique in that all parties are known to the public and Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has spoken extensively about the case.
  • O’Connell said: "There exists additional interest to consider in making this decision: the interest of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky to be assured that its publicly elected officials are being honest in their representations."

Kevin Glogower, a lawyer representing anonymous "Grand Juror No. 1," said Tuesday his client wants to square what happened in the grand jury room with the Cameron has stated publicly.

"My client is aggrieved, to use that term, that what was presented (in grand jury proceedings) is not being publicly disclosed," Glogower said. "The concern is truth and transparency."

  • Former Louisville police Det. Brett Hankison was indicted for firing shots into an apartment neighboring Taylor’s, but no charges were brought against the officers in Taylor’s death.

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louetta james
louetta james

that's what you get with an attorney that has never tried a case... that excuse about Kentucky laws shows he has NO EXPERIENCE and lacks confidence in bringing the case. (giving him benefit of doubt)

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