Kentucky GOPer Seeks Abortion Ban In Order To Make People "More Responsible"

Screengrab/Lexington Herald Leader/YouTube

The law would not permit abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, generally around six weeks of pregnancy.

Following two failed attempts to restrict abortion within the past 15 months, Kentucky lawmakers have proposed new bills aimed at halting access to abortions within the state, according to the Courier Journal.

The plans, supported largely by Republicans, would restrict abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which tends to be around six weeks and “often before a woman even realizes she is pregnant.” Representatives of the ACLU have stated that the organization is ready to challenge it if enacted into law, but Republican supporters are just as ready for a lawsuit. Senate floor leader Damon Thayer of Kentucky even stated that it would be the “pinnacle” of his career should the state law end up in the Supreme Court as a “means to overturn Roe v. Wade.”

Additionally, Rep. Robert Goforth, who recently announced that he is seeking nomination for Kentucky governor, stated that he viewed the bill as a means of making people more responsible rather than as a ban on abortion.

“I think it's making people be more responsible. If they're going to engage in activity that’s going to end up in conception, they just need to be more responsible with their actions." -Rep. Robert Goforth

Despite the claims of Kentucky Republicans, many still believe that the bill will be deemed unconstitutional.

"It's essentially a ban. Without a lawsuit to block it, abortion would be effectively banned in the state." -Brigitte Amiri, Deputy Director of ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project